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Case Studies

Monklands Hospital, Airdrie

Client// Graham Construction/ Ecosse Doors

Name// NHS Lanarkshire

Type of Build// Refurbishment

Location// Airdrie, Lanarkshire

Products Installed// Vistamatic Vision Panels


Monklands Hospital is going through a major reconfiguration and refurbishment to replace outdated and unsatisfactory clinical areas with modern facilities that will transform patient care. The projects main contractor is Graham Construction. The overall project involves a complex 12-phase upgrade and replacement of the surgical department to provide seven new operating suites, including two ultra clean theatres, a recovery area, reception and relatives’ area.


A new £5.5M 10-bed Intensive Care Unit has already been handed over to NHS Lanarkshire, with the 12-phase upgrade of the theatres currently progressing on schedule. The works undertaken are within a busy ‘live’ hospital environment, following a phased construction plan whilst adhering to the highest
standards of infection control along with noise and dust attenuation measures (with noise and vibration monitors placed around the site perimeter, works to mitigate the potential impact to the community.

The project, scheduled across 12 phases and planned by the hospital for delivery in Spring 2018 consists of:
• Upgrade and replacement to surgical department
• Provision of 7 new operating theatres
• Creation of a recovery area, reception and relatives area
• New 10-bed intensive care unit.

The exciting development at Monklands Hospital is the subject of on-going investment through the Lanarkshire NHS Board and shows the commitment to offering excellent services to and meeting the needs and aspirations of both patients and staff. The £19million Frameworks Scotland 2 project will see GRAHAM Construction, one of the five Frameworks Scotland 2 Principal Supply Chain Partners, build a state-of-the-art 10-bed ICU next to the main building,
which will be linked to the hospital’s current operating theatres.

Once the new unit is constructed it will create greater space in the main building, where a new purpose built recovery area will also be created. This increased capacity will allow each of the seven operating theatres to be completely refurbished whilst ensuring the hospital remains fully operational at all times.

Some surgical environments include highly specialised equipment which uses x-rays, lasers or even radiation. It’s essential to contain this equipment appropriately to ensure the environment outside isn’t at risk whilst the need for observation into these areas remains. Vistamatic manufacture vision panels with
either lead glass or with a laser polymer shield in order to solve this issue.

Vistamatic were specified by Ecosse Doors for the Monklands Hospital project based on the reliability and quality of their products in the market. More than 30 Vistamatic 250 x 800mm lead and laser vision panels were supplied for the Monklands Hospital project. The glass used in the vision panels were Code 4 Lead protection and included a green laser polymer shield to prevent the lasers passing through the panels, even when in the open position. The vision panels were installed into Ecosse Lead Lined Doors on the new operating theatres, ICU bedrooms and anywhere else Radiation may be present.

Vistamatic’s triple glazed system is renowned for allowing discreet and secure observation whilst maintaining the appearance of a contemporary Venetian style blind. In addition to this, Vistamatic panels are manufactured as sealed units to ensure they are totally free from the risk of attracting bacteria with no ongoing maintenance/cleaning costs. Such is the reliability we now offer a full Lifetime Warranty on all our vision panels against faulty manufacture.

“Whilst working with Vistamatic on the Monklands Hospital project, we found the vision panels supplied to be of exceptional quality and the excellent customer service they provided was invaluable. “We wouldn’t hesitate in using them on future projects or recommending them to others. Their professionalismand willingness to work in a proactive manner is admirable.”
Archie McIntyre – Ecosse Doors

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