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Evelina London has been awarded a High Commendation

Evelina London has been awarded a High Commendation at this year’s European Healthcare Design Awards, and recognised as a model of excellence in children’s healthcare environment design. The refurbishment of nine wards and clinics, including the paediatric intensive care unit (PICU), cardiology and work to expand Evelina London, were recognised as worthy of the prize.

Vistamatic was pleased to have been a small part of this remarkable refresh, with our bespoke Vista Slides offering the necessary observation, without detracting from the fun and happy aesthetic.

With funding  from Guy’s and St Thomas’ Charity, the Evelina 1+ Art Scheme designed by Art in Site incorporated the ideas of children,  young people, and staff.  Part of the art project included designing special rails for the ceilings above beds, and magnetic wallpaper to allow patients to display items from home. Children and young people said this helped their recovery following heart surgery as they felt they were in a familiar environment.

An LED light display that follows sunrise and sunset by imitating the course of the day has been designed by cardiology consultants, to help with children and young people while they are staying in hospital. The installation also helps with their recovery as it encourages patients out of bed to interact with it.

Liz O’Sullivan, arts manager at Evelina London, said: “Looking after the wellbeing of children, young people and their families goes far beyond medical care at Evelina London. The environment we create through digital installations, murals, and graphics in our wards and clinics plays an essential role in supporting our families during their visits or stays with us. Our artwork does much more than create a cheery or calming environment. It can bring a sense of comfort, provide entertainment and help with recovery.

At Vistamatic, we always are excited to work on projects that are pushing the boundaries to enhance the patient experience, and believe that the Evalina London team is truly deserving of this commendation.


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